High School Equivalency Program - Announcements

NEW: A new Authorization form is in use.  If you are an authorized HSEP and have not received the new form, contact HSEP and the form will be emailed to you.

You will be required to send the secure student spreadsheet through TEA's Encrypted Email service.  For details on setting this up, read the PGP email encryption instructions.  If you previously set up an account go to pages 13-14 of the document.  Also, if you have any questions and/or problems about TEA's Encrypted Email contact PGP Support at TEA.

  • Important: Make sure you have the latest Adobe Reader; it is free.  You may need to contact your technical support staff to download the free Adobe Reader depending on your security settings.
    • Open the HSEP Contact Information form in PDF format. 
      • Click the [Submit] button on the top, right to return to TEA HSEP department once you have completed the form.
      • Make sure your Adobe Reader is up to date, as of 6/12/2014 the latest version is XI.
    • If you have difficulty with the form, make sure your Adobe Reader is up to date, you may need to reinstall.  If you still cannot get it to submit, contact hsep@tea.state.tx.us.
    • If you you do not have access to Microsoft Excel, please contact hsep@tea.state.tx.us.
      • If there is a need, we will create a form fill PDF document for entering student enrollment information.
  • IMPORTANT: HSEP students' attendance is reported to PEIMS by the 500 series record.

For More Information Contact:

 HSEP at

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