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High School Equivalency Program - PEIMS Reporting

HSEP Funding

  • To determine eligible days present for students participating in the HSEP, the district must record, in each reporting period, the actual number of daily contact minutes that the student on any given day attends the HSEP.  A 500 series record will need to be created for each reporting period for the PEIMS Attendance submission.

  • In order to earn ADA for HSEP purposes, a student on any given day within a particular six weeks must attend at least 45 minutes of HSEP instruction and/or traditional classes toward graduation requirements.

  • The maximum number of instructional contact minutes allowed each school day, including any instructional time accounted for in traditional courses toward graduation requirements, is 600 minutes.

  • If an HSEP student on any given day attends less than 45 minutes of instructional contact, then no ADA for HSEP will be earned.

  • Do not create a 500 record for a student who was not in attendance at least 45 minutes of one day in the HSEP during the reporting period indicated.

  • A district must report all minutes of instruction attended by a student for each six week reporting period. However, no student may generate more than one (1.000) ADA for Foundation School Program funding purposes for a school year within a district and/or campus.
  • Summary:

  • You still need to keep an attendance time log of HSEP students. You will need this if you are audited.
  • You will record time in minutes for each reporting period. A minimum of 45 minutes per day is required.
  • You will need to create a 500 record for each reporting period for each HSEP student for the PEIMS Attendance Collection.
  • Resources:

    HSEP Attendance Registers in PDF format, if you would like a version in MS-Word email HSEP at TEA.

    PEIMS Data Standards:  Select 500 from the Records drop down menu at the top of the screen. The description is STUDENT - FLEXIBLE ATTENDANCE DATA. Click on the [go] button directly to the right. You will be taken to information on the 500 record.

    PEIMS  - Public Education Information Management System: More information on rules can be found by clicking on the PEIMS Data Standards link.

    For additional information, contact:

    High School Equivalency Program - HSEP
    1701 North Congress Avenue
    Austin, TX 78701

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