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High School Equivalency Program - Forms

The High School Equivalency Program at TEA requires information regarding the efficacy of the program as mandated by the legislature in Texas Education Code, §29.087(m). Also, reporting requirements are required by and submitted to ACE (American Council on Education) GEDTS (GED Testing Service).

Required GED Testing Form:

An Authorization Form is required for an HSEP student to take the GED test(s).

Authorization to Test instructions:

  1. After the student has registered to test at
    1. Ensure they have marked they are still in High School and are in a GED Option Program (HSEP)
  2. Complete the Authorization Form+ and submit it back to TEA or email @
  3. TEA – HSEP will log into GED Manager and approve your student to test
    1. Typically this is done on a daily basis
    2. You can send a reminder email to approve your student for testing at
  4. Once approved, the student can then schedule to test.

Hint: HSEP students do not need to complete a parent/guardian underage form.

+ If you are an authorized HSEP and need the Authorization form, contact HSEP and the form will be attached in an email.

Note: You may have problems when submitting multiple students at one time.  If that is the case, exit the form and re-open.

++ If you have problems submitting the form to TEA, you can email it as an attachment**.

HSEP Student Enrollment and Exit Data

 The HSEP Spreadsheet (31.0 KB) * contains information required for student reporting that can be emailed to TEA.  Email HSEP to receive your password for the protected spreadsheet.

* If you do not have spreadsheet software on your computer a free one can be downloaded from Open Office.

** IMPORTANT: You will be required to send the secure student information through TEA's Encrypted Email service.  For details on setting this up read the PGP email encryption instructions.  If you previously set up an account go to pages 13-14 of the document.  Also, if you have any questions and/or problems about TEA's Encrypted Email contact PGP Support at TEA.

HSEP Student Attendance

HSEP Attendance Registers (49.9 KB) in PDF format, if you would like a version in MS-Word email HSEP at TEA.  For more information regarding ADA funding and HSEP students visit HSEP Funding.

HSEP Application

School Districts and TEA approved Charter Schools can download the application form (267.0 KB) to apply for a HSEP.  For more information read the Application Process in HSEP Overview.

HSEP Contact Form

Complete the HSEP Contact form (305.3 KB) whenever there is a change in contact information or on your HSEP location web site; this form should take no longer than fifteen minutes to complete.

  • Open the HSEP Contact form.
  • Completely fill out the form; it consists of two pages.
    • Click the [Submit] button on the top, right to return to the TEA HSEP department.
    • Make sure your Adobe Reader is up to date. You can download the latest Adobe Reader under the Download section of the Adobe home page.
  • If you have problems submitting the document, you can save the PDF on your computer and email it to HSEP as an attachment.

HSEP Annual Continue the Program Form

The Annual Continue form has been discontinued. If you need to report changes for your contact information, please use the HSEP Contact Form (305.3 KB).


For More Information Contact:


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