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High School Equivalency Program - Overview

The purpose of the High School Equivalency Program (HSEP) is to prepare eligible students to pass the high school equivalency (HSE) tests instead of a high school diploma. Any school district can apply for authorization to operate a high school equivalency program in the State of Texas.

Application Process

School districts and open enrollment charter schools must complete an application form and submit it to the TEA for approval. The application will include the following:

  • The board of trustees of a school district or the governing board of an open-enrollment charter school must hold a public hearing concerning the GED Option Program application;
  • The school gives assurances to follow the specified rules in the application for providing a HSEP;
  • A narrative description of the proposed program must be given;
  • Contact information for all campuses with a HSEP must be provided.

The program application will be carefully scrutinized to determine eligibility of participation.

HSEP Student Information

Students participating in the program must be current in the assessment instrument specified by Section 39.023(a).  There is an exception for students in the Texas Juvenile Justice system and those ordered by the court due to failure to attend school.  A student who has successfully completed the high school equivalency program by earning a HSE certificate is entitled to enroll in a public school and to benefit from the Foundation School Program in the same manner as any other students who have not received a high school diploma.

HSEP Termination

The Commissioner of Education may revoke a school district's In-School GED Option Program (HSEP) after consideration of relevant factors, including student performance, success rate of participants on the high school equivalency examination, and other criteria adopted by the Commissioner.

School District Requirements for an HSEP:

  1. Record student attendance in minutes for each reporting period. You will need to create a 500 record for each reporting period for each HSEP student for the PEIMS Attendance Collection.
  2. Report enrollment and exit information for each student to the education agency.
  3. Keep contact information current with the TEA - HSEP; this form should take no longer than ten minutes to complete.
  4. A public hearing must be conducted annually to review the performance of the GED Option program (HSEP).

School districts and open-enrollment charter schools and HSEP participants have a vested interest in the success of the program.


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