Algebra Readiness Webinar-Archived

TEA BPC Webinar   


  W. E. Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy—Teacher Collaboration to Support Algebra Readiness  
Thursday, May 5, 2011, 11:30 a.m. Central Time (CT)

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 During this webinar, Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy staff presented key strategies and components of their Algebra Readiness Programming, which are included in a featured Best Practice Summary available on the BPC website. Since 2005–06, the percentage of Greiner students passing TAKS increased from 74% to 87% passing in 2009–10, with the percentage of students performing at the Commended level increasing from 12% to 32% over the same time period. Strategies that are aligned with research-based and TEA-identified key practices for Algebra Readiness programming include:


  • Maximizes the benefits of collaborative planning time through grade-level and departmental teams with high standards for sharing expertise and resources, lesson planning, and cross-curricular instruction
  • Creates an annual master plan for mathematics instruction based on student data
  • Refines and extends the instructional plan continuously based on ongoing data review, including well-developed lessons that incorporate engaging learning and real-world application projects
  • Provides opportunities for teachers to share lesson demonstrations, ideas, and resources to vertically align instruction
  • Provides additional support to struggling students through multiple extended learning opportunities (e.g., tutoring, Saturday school, enrichment classes)
  • Develops student, teacher, and departmental profiles to target specific student and teacher needs
  • Implements new teacher support and a peer coaching model based on teacher strengths, pairing teachers who need to develop skills in an area with the campus’ master teacher in that area