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School District Locator


sdl DISCLAIMER--While continuous efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of school district boundaries and school locations, it must be stressed that these are approximations and are for general information purposes only. To verify legal descriptions of boundaries or to determine school locations or attendance, please contact the school districts.


Major Features

  • School District and Education Service Center Region Boundaries.
  • School Locations, and the ability to zoom to or identify an individual school.
  • Contact Information for district trustees, and staff.
  • District Accountability Ratings and enrollment.
  • School listings with address, accountability rating, and school type.
  • Links to TEA School District reports (performance, financial, etc.)
  • Links to School District and Education Service Center websites.
  • Search capabilities based upon district name, district number, county, or ESC region.


 School locations have been updated to be current as of July 2010.  Please check the data page for more information about data. This dataset is available for download.

Contact TEA GIS Administrator with technical questions regarding this application.                        
Please contact the school district if there are administrative questions on school district boundaries.                        

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