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TSDS Rollout Plan

TEA and the Education Service Centers (ESCs) have completed the TSDS Rollout Plan, which breaks the statewide TSDS implementation into three waves.

Check your LEA's assigned wave; if your LEA will not be able to implement TSDS PEIMS in your assigned wave, submit a waiver to your ESC PEIMS Champion by October 15, 2013.

TSDS Status Update

The Limited Production Release (LPR) transition from ESC 10 to TEA's data center has been rescheduled: LPRs will begin loading their data and performing acceptance testing in November 2013, and the LPR studentGPS™ Dashboards will be in production in December. studentGPS™ Dashboards for Fall early adopters will be in production in January (see project timeline).

TSDS PEIMS will roll out to the early adopters in 2014.

In the interim, there will be a variety of training opportunities, including Dashboard and Technical training for the ESCs and local education agencies (LEAs—school districts and chater schools). In addition, this fall TEA will finalize its rollout plan for deploying TSDS to all of Texas LEAs.

    Early Adopters

    The second phase of TSDS deployment begins in school year 2013-14.

    Early adopter LEAs (local education agenciesTexas school districts and charter schools) have been approved by TEA (see map below). 

     Early Adopters Map THUMB

    TSDS early adopter LEAs--click to enlarge  

    This section will include resources for early adopter administrators as they begin deploying TSDS; the website also includes a Technical Resources section for LEA technical staff and vendors looking for technical specifications for deployment.

    Early Adopter Deployment Resources

    Future Deployments

    TSDS will be rolled out to the remaining LEAs in Texas in three successive waves after the Early Adoption Phase is complete, and ending in 2016-17. LEAs who are interested in participating in the first of these three waves can prepare by ensuring that they meet the selection criteria for early adopters and by staying in communication with their ESCs.

    Previous Deployments

    The previous deployments were the limited production releases (LPRs).

    Seven LEAs implemented prototypes of the studentGPS Dashboards, during which our team collected feedback and made improvements in response to user requests.

    The LPR LEAs are Lubbock, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo, Allen, Hays, Taylor, Lewisville, and Alief, and you can read some of the LPR users' comments in the What People Are Saying section.