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Transition to TSDS Hosting and the EDW – TEA and the Limited Production Release (LPR) LEAs have successfully transitioned to TSDS hosting and data loading via the Operational Data Store (ODS) in the Education Data Warehouse (EDW). The TSDS release of studentGPS® is the official production system, and the pilot releases have been retired.

TSDS PEIMS – Select LPRs will become the first to test PEIMS in 2014. 

Assessments – TEA is currently in dialog with Assessment vendors to provide them with guidance and information that will help those vendors produce TEDS-compliant assessments extracts for their LEAs. These assessment extracts provide data for the dashboards. All LPR and early adopter LEAs are encouraged to contact their assessment vendors about how/if they plan to make their data available for studentGPS®

What Are the Limited Production Releases?

The LPRs are LEAs that elected to participate in pilot releases of the TSDS studentGPS® Dashboards.

LPRs were part of the development process for the dashboards from an early stage, and their feedback has played a foundational role in the organization and functioning of the dashboards.

Who Are the LPRs?

The seven LPR LEAs are Lubbock, Lewisville, Allen, Taylor, Hays, Alief, and Pharr-San Juan-Alamo, representing a range of enrollment sizes (shown in the image below), geographic locations, and local student information systems.

Map of LPRs

This range of LEAs was intended to help TEA troubleshoot potential issues that might arise for a broad spectrum of future TSDS adoptees.

Feedback from the LPRs

The LPR LEAs have been a critical participant in the TSDS design and development process. Their feedback has been incorporated into every release of the studentGPS® Dashboards, and ongoing reports and surveys document their lessons learned, best practices, and feedback.

Visit the Feedback section of this website to view some early feedback gathered by MSDF from one of the LPRs.

Case studies of the Lubbock and Pharr-San Juan-Alamo LPRs will be posted in that section in 2014.

Resources for the LPRs