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Early Adopters - Overview

What Are Early Adopters?

Because TSDS is a large, multi-functional system with a Texas-wide user base, TEA is rolling it out to the local education agencies (LEAsTexas school districts and charter schools) in stages.

The second stage (after the limited production releases of dashboard prototypes) is the "early adoption" stagethe studentGPS® Dashboards was implemented for a limited number of volunteering LEAs (the "early adopters") in the 2013-2014 school year.  PEIMS will first be rolled out to select LPRs in 2014, and then to early adopters in the 2014/15 school year.  The remaining LEAs will implement PEIMS in 2015/16 and 2016/17.  studentGPS® will be rolled out to interested LEAs over the same time period.

Early PEIMS adopters will benefit from being able to test their PEIMS loads in parallel, while early adopters of the dashboards will enjoy access to vital performance data in an easy-to-use tool.   

Early Adopter Commitments

Please note the following commitments required of an early adopter:

  • If you are chosen to be an early adopter for the TSDS studentGPS® Dashboards, your LEA is committing to training a designated population of teachers and administrators on the use of the studentGPS® Dashboards. 
  • If you are chosen to be an early adopter for the TSDS PEIMS component, your LEA is committing to submitting PEIMS data for through the new TSDS PEIMS system and through the Legacy EDIT+ system during parallel testing. The data submitted through EDIT+ will be the LEA's official PEIMS submission. The data submitted through the TSDS PEIMS system will be a parallel test of the data to ensure a TSDS PEIMS submission represents the data exactly as it is in the EDIT+ system. 
  • Early adoption of the TSDS studentGPS™ Dashboards and/or PEIMS will require the LEA to load data into the TSDS Education Data Warehouse (EDW). Hardware requirements will be provided to the LEAs. At a minimum, an early adopter would need to have one dedicated server and a T1 line
  • A TEA Login (TEAL) account will need to be established for users of any component of the TSDS system. 

LEAs that are interested in becoming TSDS early adopters should understand the resource commitments required for effective implementation. TEA requires that LEAs provide resources for training, support, and leadership roles throughout the implementation process (see the TSDS early adopter roles and responsibilities table).

The TSDS system is free to all LEAs, but TSDS early adopters should also understand that there may be a financial impact on the LEA as there may be a charge for training and support supplied by the Educational Service Centers. 

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