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TSDS Rollout Plan

Three Stages of Implementation for PEIMS and studentGPS™

TSDS PEIMS Rollout Plan  |  studentGPS™ Dashboards Rollout Plan

With help from the Education Service Centers (ESCs), TEA has created a "multi-stage rollout plan" for implementing TSDS across Texas. This phased approach allows districts to implement TSDS in an orderly fashion without overtaxing the system or its support infrastructure.

Each local education agency (LEA--Texas school district or charter school) has been assigned to one of three TSDS implementation stages between 2014/15 - 2016/17.  All Texas LEAs must be implemented on TSDS PEIMS by SY 2016/17.

Check both the PEIMS Rollout Plan and the (optional) studentGPS™ Dashboards Rollout Plan to see when your LEA is scheduled to implement each of the main components of TSDS.

Please review your assigned PEIMS stage, consult your vendor(s), review the TSDS Readiness Checklists, and assess your readiness to implement TSDS PEIMS. Follow the appeal process (below) if you need to request your  ESC PEIMS Champion to change your stage assignment.

It is not necessary to appeal your studentGPS™ assignment, as participation is voluntary. There will be an annual application process to implement studentGPS™.

If you are assigned to Stage 1 for TSDS PEIMS 

If you are assigned to Stage 1 for TSDS PEIMS, and you will not be able to complete the PEIMS implementation in Stage 1, you may appeal your assignment to your ESC by completing the TSDS Rollout Waiver form (appeals must be received by your ESC by 10/15/2013).

In order for your appeal to be considered you will need to meet, at a minimum, one of the four conditions below:

  1. Your LEA's staff PEIMS experience is less than two years
  2. Lack of vendor readiness/support 
  3. Your LEA has less than one year of experience with either your student information system software vendor, human resource system vendor, or financial system vendor
  4. Your LEA is changing PEIMS-related software vendor(s) in the year of your assignment

If you are assigned to Stage 2 or 3

If you are assigned to Stage 2 or 3 and would like to be reassigned, you will need to provide an explanation or justification. 

Appeal instructions are posted at the link above—complete the form and send to your ESC PEIMS Champion. If your ESC has not heard from you by 10/15/2013, your LEA will be assigned as proposed.

TSDS will provide a stable, modern, easy-to-use data collection process for your LEA, with improved data availability for educators. Your assistance during the rollout process will help make this initiative a success.  

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