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The strategy for implementing TSDS across all 1,237 local education agencies (LEAsschool districts and charter schools) in Texas is to use a train-the-trainer model.

ESC Train-the-Trainer Courses

TEA depends on the ESCs' training and support expertise and relationship with the LEAs to make this initiative a success.

TEA will offer certification to ESCs so that they can offer training to LEAs.

Training will be offered in the following areas:

  • TSDS Unique ID
  • studentGPS® Dashboards
  • TSDS Technical

Train-the-Trainer courses were first offered in February 2013 and will continue to meet ESC needs. All course materials will be available to the ESCs on Texas Project Share once the course has been delivered.

Click here to view the TSDS Training Catalog and to register for upcoming courses.

ESC Champions and LEA Stewards

ESCs and LEAs will need one or more key points of contact for this initiative. These individuals (called "Champions" at the ESCs and "Stewards" at the LEAs) will attend training sessions and receive detailed training materials to assist their users in one of four roles:

  • TSDS Unique ID 
  • studentGPS® Dashboards
  • TSDS Technical (ESC) / Data Steward (LEAs)  Training Model

Stewards and Champions are the first levels of TSDS support for their users. Each Steward or Champion is responsible for their assigned domain of expertise; the Technical or Data Steward role is responsible for the extraction and movement of the data from LEA source systems to TSDS.

The diagram illustrates flow of training information: from TEA, through the ESCs, to the LEAs, and then to the campuses.


We also have provided guidance and resources for vendors on our Technical Resources page.

For More Information...

Visit our Training FAQs page or contact TEA at TSDS_training@tea.state.tx.us.