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What's New With PEIMS?

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Legacy EDIT+ Summmer Collection Opens 4/8/2013

The PEIMS Summer Collection opens in EDIT+ on April 8, 2013.  The first submissions for the Summer Collection are due June 27, 2013.  All LEAs must submit their PEIMS Summer Collections through the legacy EDIT+ system.

The new TSDS PEIMS system will only be available to approved early adopter LEAs later in the 2013-14 school year. Early adopters will submit their PEIMS collections in parallel in both EDIT+ and the in the new TSDS PEIMS, but the EDIT+ submission will still be the submission of record. All LEAs will continue to use EDIT+ as the system of record until parallel testing of TSDS PEIMS is satisfactorily concluded.

The upcoming Summer Collection is important for the TSDS project because it is the first PEIMS submission to use the new Unique IDs for all person identification.  Since March, LEAs have been in the process of assigning UIDs for their staff and students, cleaning the data, and loading those UIDs to their local system. LEAs must assign a UID for all individuals whose data will be loaded as part of the Summer Collection; data cannot be accepted into PEIMS for any individuals who do not have a UID!

The current Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS) are posted on this site.

For more information about legacy PEIMS, visit the TEA website.

What Does TSDS Mean for PEIMS?

The legacy PEIMS application, EDIT+, is being replaced by TSDS PEIMS.

Data Format

For over twenty-five years, the EDIT+ system has required data records to be submitted in 80-column format. TSDS data will be submitted in the more flexible Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS) XML format.

Compatible Technology

The EDIT+ system requires local education agencies (LEAs—Texas school districts and charter schools) to submit data using outdated technology and a very limited set of browsers. The replacement will support modern equipment and current browsers.

Data Storage & Reporting

The TSDS Operational Data Store (ODS) will provide shared, secure, backed up storage for each LEA and ESC to use, allowing the integration of different streams of each organization's education data.

LEAs will also be able to repurpose the data they collect for PEIMS by loading it to the studentGPS® Dashboards that authorized LEA users (such as principals, teachers, and superintendents) can view to track academic performance and early warning indicators.

Improved Error Checking

TSDS PEIMS will include a dramatically expanded validation tool that LEAs can use to regularly check their data locally to reduce errors. They can also load significantly smaller subsets of data than in the legacy system, reducing the likelihood of accidentally introducing new errors with each load. In addition, all four PEIMS collections will be open for loading from the first day of school. LEAs will be able to load and run validations on data for all four collections throughout the year up to each submission deadline.

For more details on the differences between the two systems, see our Feature Comparison. 

What's Happening to EDIT+?

TEA will continue to support EDIT+ until all LEAs have begun using TSDS.

TEA is coordinating with Texas's 1,200+ LEAs to determine who will implement TSDS when. Since this effort is so monumental in scale, implementations must be spread out across multiple years to give ample time for testing and quality assurance.

Until it is your LEA's turn to begin using the TSDS ODS and PEIMS, you should continue using EDIT+ for all PEIMS submissions.

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New Versus Old

These diagrams illustrate the changes described above between the new and legacy systems:


_Basic grey flow Comparison