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What is the Person Enrollment Tracker?

The Person Enrollment Tracker (PET) is a record of current student enrollment across the state, based on weekly enrollment loads. PET lets authorized users locate students who are no longer enrolled at their district or charter school.

Person Enrollment Tracker (PET)

How Will PET Benefit my Local Education Agency?

  • PET provides an up-to-date record of Texas public school enrollment for Texas public school students. 
  • It assists Texas public schools in finding students who have left one local education agency (LEA—Texas school district or charter school) to attend school in another LEA. 
  • PET improves leaver reporting by eliminating student movers from the PEIMS. 
  • PET will share the same interface with TSDS PEIMS, the Dashboard Data Mart (DDM), and Operational Data Store (ODS), allowing you to move from one system to the next as you research student data. 

How Has PET Changed?

PET is being updated for inclusion in the new TSDS system.  It will have a new interface, tighter integration with TSDS PEIMS, and it will use identities from TEA's new Unique ID system to provide better person identification.

For More Information

Contact TEA at TSDSdeployment@tea.state.tx.us.



  PET data is loaded to the ODS as part of LEAs' regular loads to the Education Data Warehouse (EDW).  LEAs move the data from the ODS to PET to make it available to authorized education staff for student searches.