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What is TSDS Unique ID?

TSDS Unique ID will enable education agencies to create randomly generated unique identifiers to support all the subsystems of TSDS and to provide cleaner longitudinal education data.

TSDS Unique ID

Latest News

Unique ID Release 8.3 in Production

Release 8.3 went into production August 9. This release includes several enhancements to the Unique ID application:

  • Differences in case will no longer be highlighted in Near Match instances. (These differences do not actually cause a Near Match, so they are confusing when highlighted.) 
  • There will be limitations in Unique ID to match to PID limitations for suffix values and maximum lengths for FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME, MIDDLENAME, PREV LAST NAME(Alt Name), and LOCALID. 
  • The system will no longer permit a lower case "s" in a state ID.

The Student Success Initiative and Unique ID

This year's enrollment Student Success Initiative process includes a new Unique ID field. If your local education agency (LEAsTexas school district or charter school) needs help updating their source system and populating the new field, please contact your ESC's Unique ID Champion.

Unique ID Web Services

Unique ID Web Services were released to production Monday, July 22. Interested LEAs can talk to their student information system (SIS) and HR vendors to discuss how they plan to use the web services.

The web services permit web applications, such as SIS and HR systems, to interact directly with the TSDS Unique ID system. Vendors can enhance their systems to use the web services; part of that will involve adding an administrative interface in which LEA staff maintain the security credentials to enable that use (see the TSDS Unique ID Web Services webinar for vendors (note that you will need to register in order to access the recording); or download a pdf of the presentation - 7/19/2013).

Vendors should also not that instructions for using web services in your applications is published in TEDS (Section 9). Please let us know if you are aware of vendors who are ready to use the UID web services.

TEA will also host a webinar for ESC Champions in early August that will provide more detailed instructions on using UID Web Services from the ESC/LEA perspective.

Other News

Some users have been seeing the following error message: "Sorry, the search service does not appear to be running. The system is locked until the administrator restarted the search service. Please contact the administrator." TEA's technical team and the vendor are working to resolve this problem.

TEAL now has the capacity to handle TSDS accounts set up with access to multiple LEAs. For the handful of ESC support staff that have multiple accounts, it is now safe to consolidate them, if you have not already done so.

TEA has posted the TSDS Unique ID User Guide on this site.

A complete list of the TSDS Champions for all ESCs is posted in the Deployment section of this website.

All Unique ID (UID) support questions and answers have been folded into the UID Frequently Asked Questions pages in the News & FAQs section of this website.

Unique IDs in Near Match status in abandoned batches will prevent other processes from being applied to these records. If you notice batches that you believe another organization has abandoned, please notify them to cancel the near matches.

Thanks to the efforts of hundred of staff across the state, the Unique ID rollout is complete

Why Is TSDS Unique ID Necessary?

TSDS Unique ID is necessary in order to integrate the various subsystems of TSDS smoothly and accurately--it is better able to reduce duplicates and other errors than TEA's previous identification management system.  

Since TEA will run both TSDS and the legacy EDIT+ systems in parallel for some time, EDIT+ has been adapted to accept Unique ID identifiers (UIDs), and LEAs must use UIDs for both systems.

How Is Unique ID Used?

NOTE: Unique ID training is now available from the ESCs!  Contact your ESC for details. 

Local education agencies (LEAs—Texas school districts and charter schools) use Unique ID numbers to load student and staff information to the TSDS Education Data Warehouse (EDW). Each student and staff member will have a single unique identifier for his or her entire career within the Texas educational system (from early education programs through the twelfth grade).  Individuals will retain the same unique identifier even if they leave the Texas education system and return years later or transition from being a student to a staff member.

Now that Unique ID is in production, all student and staff additions and changes must be made through Unique ID  instead of PID.

All LEAs must use have UIDs for their students and staff to submit their 2012-13 Summer Collection in July of 2013.

How Does TSDS Unique ID Benefit my LEA?

The TSDS Unique ID system provides enhanced matching logic to assist users in reconciling individuals who have closely matching demographics (first name, last name, date of birth, etc.).  Through Unique ID's user-friendly interface, LEA users can assign IDs and update student and staff demographics more quickly and efficiently than in the past.

Unique ID TEDS Standards

Unique ID extracts must be compliant with TEDS Section 9 standards. Unlike all other TEDS extracts, extracts for Unique ID should be in comma-separated variable (CSV) format.

All data loaded to the EDW will be validated against the Unique ID system, ensuring that every person is assigned a unique identification number.

Rollout Plan

Unique ID was successfully rolled out in spring of 2013. Additional milestones in this project:

June 2013 – The Unique ID application is available to LEAs via web service interface.

Aug 2013 – TSDS limited production release LEAs submit data to the EDW, which requires student and staff Unique IDs.

PET and TREx

  • TSDS Unique ID will be added to the PET submission file and the TREx extraction file in the 2013-14 school year.
  • All PET submission files are now checked against the TSDS Unique ID database to ensure the student has a Unique ID.
  • All demographic updates must be made through the TSDS Unique ID system. 

For More Information


      LEAs will be able to assign Unique IDs to student and staff in two ways:  via a batch file created in CSV format or via individual record entry through the Unique ID application.