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FAQs – Early Adopters – General

See also FAQs – Early Adopters – Technical Support 

TSDS Overview

What additional costs will be associated with TSDS implementation?

LEAs should ask their ESC and source system vendors for pricing information.

In the TSDS model there is reference to "ETL." What does that mean?

Extract, Transform, Load: a system for moving data from one data repository to another.

studentGPS® and PEIMS

I understood that the data loaded into TSDS is not at the TEK/SE level and that you could only "drill down" to the Reporting Category level. Is that the case?

Currently the only TEK/SE level results available are for benchmarks at the student and classroom level. However, TEA is working with assessment vendors to develop a solution to further enhance the studentGPS® Dashboards and provide additional TEK/SE level results in the future.

During Hays CISD presentation you discussed using both Eduphoria! and the dashboard currently. Do you plan on phasing out Eduphoria?

The studentGPS® Dashboards only provide limited information regarding assessments. To view further details will require other products supplied by your existing assessment vendors, such as Eduphoria!

Is it true that the studentGPS® Dashboards are optional, but not PEIMS?

That is correct. PEIMS is mandated by the state. Until your LEA moves over to TSDS PEIMS, you will continue to submit your PEIMS data via the EDIT+ legacy PEIMS system. If you are a TSDS PEIMS early adopter you will submit both TSDS PEIMS and legacy PEIMS data in the early adopter year. This will ensure that data submitted to TSDS PEIMS is identical to data supplied to EDIT+ legacy PEIMS.

If we are a TSDS PEIMS early adopter, do we still have to submit our PEIMS data through the EDIT+ legacy PEIMS system?

Yes. Committing to being an early adopter of PEIMS requires that the LEA submit their PEIMS data through EDIT+ as well as TSDS PEIMS. The LEA will be asked to perform comparison tests on the two systems.

Will TSDS PEIMS early adopters submit dual submissions in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015?

Early adopter LEAs will submit PEIMS through EDIT+ and TSDS PEIMS only in the 2013-14. LEAs selected to move to TSDS PEIMS in the 2014-15 school year will only submit PEIMS through TSDS PEIMS.

Since PEIMS data is not going to be included in TSDS until Spring 2014, will the dashboards have only assessment data available this fall?

No, LEAs will be able to load all data into the studentGPS® Dashboards; they just won't be performing a PEIMS submission until Spring 2014.

Where will studentGPS® data come from, if not from PEIMS submission?

Data elements for PEIMS and studentGPS® are often the same and originate from the same source systems; however, PEIMS data and studentGPS® data are sent in separate interchanges with different file naming conventions. 

Are Fall 2013 pilot districts required to pilot the studentGPS® Dashboards in 2013-2014?

If you are a studentGPS® Dashboard early adopter, you have committed to using the studentGPS® Dashboards in fall 2013 or spring 2014.

Will the state test scores be loaded into the system by TEA? How about SAT, ACT scores?

No. The current process is for the LEAs to load all data, including test scores.

Unique ID

Are we going to be able to delete batch files for Unique ID?

Deleting a batch file can only be done before the assignment phase. You can retire Unique IDs, which will propagate to the EDIT+ PID system.

Are we going to be able to delete batch files for TSDS PEIMS (raw data)?

Yes, batch files can be deleted from the Operational Data Store (ODS) using the delete utility.


What is an LPR? I thought the seven LEAs were pilot districts, is that true?

LPR means "limited production release". Seven school districts were chosen as pilot LEAs, using a Region 10-hosted student dashboard system. The early adopters, including the 7 LPRs, will be using the studentGPS® Dashboards on a TEA-hosted platform.

See also FAQs – Early Adopters – Technical Support 

Data Loading

Will PEIMS data and studentGPS® data be sent separately?

Yes. PEIMS data and studentGPS® data are sent in separate interchanges with different file naming conventions. 

Will the data loads involve an overnight process where our SIS extracts data and sends via FTP, or do we build a batch file and upload?

This functionality will be specific to the source system vendor. Please check with your vendor.

Is it up to the LEAs to schedule their loads?

Yes. The LEAs may schedule their loads daily, weekly, or monthly. Loads may also be scheduled on-demand.

Will the file upload process be both manual and automated?

Yes. The LEA may schedule their loads daily, weekly, or monthly. Loads may also be scheduled on-demand.

Does the data file which is picked up by the DTU stay on the LEA server after it is grabbed?

Yes, when the Data Transfer Utility (DTU) picks up the file, it creates a date/time archive folder and adds the file to this folder. These files will be kept for a configured period of time.