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FAQs – Implementation

Who is the vendor that is assisting with the rollout?

Deloitte Consulting.

How can my LEA become an early adopter?

Early adoption will begin in the 2013-14 school year. To become a possible candidate for TSDS early adoption, contact TEA at TSDSEarlyAdoption@tea.state.tx.us or contact your ESC.

For districts that plan to go live with a new SIS in 2013-14, would it make more sense to wait or to become an early adopter and do it all at once?

Any district that is moving to a new SIS should stabilize their SIS data prior to becoming an early adopter for TSDS.

How will the early adopter LEAs be selected?

Our integration vendor (Deloitte Consulting) is currently assisting with the application and candidate process for early adopters. If your LEA is interested in becoming an early adopter, please contact us at TSDSEarlyAdoption@tea.state.tx.us.

When does my LEA have to start using the Texas Student Data System (TSDS)?

Texas's local education agencies (LEAs) will begin using TSDS in phases starting in the 2013-14 school year; the phase-in schedule for all LEAs is still under discussion, but your LEA will be informed well before its first Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) submission is due in TSDS. Eventually, all LEAs will use the new system to load PEIMS data. Visit our Next Steps with TSDS or our Technical Resources pages for more information on implementing TSDS.

Are there any special technical requirements for implementing and using TSDS?

Source system vendors will have to provide you with an extraction tool(s) to extract your data from their databases. The tools will place the extraction files on a local LEA server for the EDW data transmission utility to retrieve your file and populate the data warehouse. In addition, TEA is providing a validation tool for download that LEAs can store on their server. LEAs will also need a minimum of a T1 connection to move the data from your LEA server to the EDW.

Can my LEA opt out of TSDS?

Some elements of TSDS are voluntary: LEAs can elect not to use the State-sponsored Student Information Systems (SSISs) or the studentGPS™ Dashboards. However, all LEAs will eventually be required to submit their PEIMS collections through TSDS using the new PEIMS subsystem, and their data will have to be compliant with the new Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS). TEA will begin phasing in LEAs in the 2013-14 school year.

Will LEAs be able to use Edit+ and the PDM in parallel while TEA transitions to TSDS?

The implementation of TSDS will occur in phases, with some LEAs brought online first while others continue to use EDIT+ until it is their turn to implement. Once an LEA is converted to the PDM, that is the only system they will be able to use to submit their PEIMS data.