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TEDS Archive:

2013-2014 Post Addendum Release

The archived 2013-2014 TEDS Post Addendum Release published June 4, 2014 are available below.

For LEAs Using Dashboards + PEIMSReleased
Introduction to TEDS07/01/2013
    Section 1: Data Submission Responsibilities06/04/2014
    Section 2: Data Submission Requirements06/04/2014
    Section 3: Description of Data Elements06/04/2014
    Section 4: Description of Codes08/30/2014
    Section 5: Business Rules & Validations06/27/2014
    Section 6: XML XSD Schemas 
       Ed-Fi Core Schema06/04/2014
       TX-Core Extension Schema06/04/2014
    Section 7: Interchange Schemas06/04/2014
    TEDS Appendices06/04/2014
 For ESCs & LEAs Using TSDS PEIMS Only 
Introduction to PEIMS07/01/2013
     Section 8.1: PEIMS Data Submission Responsibilities06/04/2014  
     Section 8.2: PEIMS Data Submission Requirements06/04/2014
     Section 8.3: PEIMS Description of Data Elements06/04/2014
     Section 8.4: PEIMS Description of Codes 08/30/2014
     Section 8.5: PEIMS Business Rules & Validations06/27/2014
     Section 8.6: XML XSD Schemas 
        Ed-Fi Core Schema06/04/2014
        TX-Core Extension Schema06/04/2014
     Section 8.7: PEIMS Interchange Schemas06/04/2014
     PEIMS Appendices06/04/2014
TSDS Unique ID
    Section 9: TSDS Unique ID Specifications07/29/2013
TSDS Core Collections
    Section 10: TSDS Core Collections04/07/2014
TSDS TEDS Change LogVersionReleased
 Post Addendum Version Change Log2014.A.6.008/30/2014
 Post Addendum Version Change Log2014.A.5.004/07/2014
 Post Addendum Version Change Log2014.A.4.011/15/2013
 Post Addendum Version Change Log2014.A.3.009/05/2013
 Addendum Version Change Log2014.A.2.007/24/2013

Archived TEDS Versions

The archived data standards are previously published versions of TEDS.

Archived ReleasesVersionTSDS TEDS Change LogsReleased
Final Release 2014.F.2.0Final Release Version Change Log05/31/2013
Preliminary Release 2014.P.2.0Preliminary Version Change Log12/03/2012
Addendum Draft Release 2014.A.1.2December 2012 Clarifications Change Log12/03/2012
 2014.A.1.2November 2012 Change Log11/20/2012
 2014.A.1.2November 2012 Change Log11/12/2012
 2014.A.1.2September 2012 Change Log09/20/2012
 2014.A.1.1August 2012 Change Log08/15/2012
 2014.A.1.0July 2012 Change Log07/15/2012
Final Draft Release2014.F.1.2June 2012 Change Log06/15/2012
 2014.F.1.1May 2012 Change Log05/07/2012
 2014.F.1.0Original Final Draft Release03/01/2012

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