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TEDS Archive: 2013-2014 Final Release

TEDS-PEIMS Section 8.2 - Data Submission Requirements by Category

This section includes a chart of the data file layouts, a chart of the complex types, a description of each complex type in the Ed-Fi Core and Texas Core Extension schemas, the data elements, business rules, reporting requirements, and reporting examples for PEIMS reporting.

PEIMS Data Submission Requirements SectionsReleased
Section 8.2.0: Data Submission Requirements Introduction12/03/2012
Section 8.2.1: Education Organzation Category12/03/2012
Section 8.2.2: Finance Category12/03/2012
Section 8.2.3: Staff Category12/03/2012
Section 8.2.4: Student Category12/03/2012
Section 8.2.5: Campus Course Section Category12/03/2012

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