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2014-2015 TEDS Final Release

This page serves as a central location for TEDS standards and information. The links below provide the complete TEDS for the TSDS and PEIMS collections as well as the links for TEDS Section 8, which provides standards for PEIMS submissions only. Archived copies of previous versions are also available at the bottom of this page.

The TEDS standards published on this page are the final version release for the 2014-2015 school year.

For LEAs Using TSDS + PEIMSReleased
Introduction to TEDS03/01/2014
    Section 1: Data Submission Responsibilities03/01/2014
    Section 2: Data Submission Requirements04/07/2014
    Section 3: Description of Data Elements       04/07/2014
    Section 4: Description of Codes      04/07/2014
    Section 5: Business Rules & Validations04/07/2014
    Section 6: XML XSD Schemas 
      Ed-Fi Core Schema04/07/2014
       TX-Core Extension Schema04/07/2014
    Section 7: Interchange Schemas04/07/2014
    TEDS Appendices04/07/2014
 For ESCs & LEAs Using TSDS PEIMS Only 
Introduction to PEIMS03/01/2014
     Section 8.1: PEIMS Data Submission Responsibilities03/01/2014
     Section 8.2: PEIMS Data Submission Requirements04/07/2014
     Section 8.3: PEIMS Description of Data Elements       04/07/2014
     Section 8.4: PEIMS Description of Codes04/07/2014
     Section 8.5: PEIMS Business Rules & Validations04/07/2014
     Section 8.6: XML XSD Schemas 
        Ed-Fi Core Schema04/07/2014
        TX-Core Extension Schema04/07/2014
     Section 8.7: PEIMS Interchange Schemas04/07/2014
     PEIMS Appendices04/07/2014
TSDS Unique ID v8.2.6VersionReleased
 Section 9: TSDS Unique ID Specifications   v2.107/29/2013
TSDS Core Collections Released
 Section 10: TSDS Core Collections 04/07/2014
TSDS TEDS Change LogVersionReleased
 Final Version Change Log2015.F.2.004/07/2014
 Final Version Change Log2015.F.1.003/01/2014
 Preliminary Version Change Log  2015.P.1.012/01/2013

Archived TEDS Versions

The archived data standards are previously published draft versions of TEDS.

Archived ReleasesVersionTSDS TEDS Change LogsReleased
2013-2014 Post Addendum Release2014.A.5.0Post Addendum Version Change Log04/07/2014
 2014.A.4.0Post Addendum Version Change Log11/15/2013
 2014.A.3.0Post Addendum Version Change Log  09/05/2013
 2014.A.2.0Addendum Version Change Log07/24/2013