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TEA hosted a webinar June 5, 2013 to introduce assessment vendors to the new TSDS system. A recording of the Introduction to TSDS for Assessment Vendors presentation is posted online. Please note that you will need to register for the webinar (even though the webinar has already occurred) in order to view the recording.

TEA has also posted a summary of the Q&A from that webinar.

How Can I Load Assessment Data to TSDS?

The studentGPS® Dashboards are designed to store and display data on national, state, and local assessments.

Local education agencies (LEAsTexas school districts and charter schools) who choose to adopt the dashboards will load their assessment data via XML extracts.  These extracts may come from your internal system or from specialized assessments tracking software. The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF) is currently working with volunteering assessments software vendors to ensure that they can create extracts correctly. 

Note that TEA cannot load your assessment data for you: partly because the agency does not have access to the ODSonly LEAs and ESCs have access to to the ODSand partly because even if it were possible, the ensuing traffic every time TEA loaded assessment data would overwhelm the infrastructure.


To be able to load assessment data, your LEA will need the following:

  • TEAL logins for individuals loading data (for manual loads)
  • Unique IDs for all students  
  • A server with a minimum T1 internet connection
  • A local staging area to store the extracts for pickup by TSDS  
  • A systemeither an internal or a specialized systemcapable of storing and extracting your assessments 
  • Implementation of TSDS, including the studentGPS® Dashboards, which are necessary to view the data


"Early adopter" LEAs will begin implementing TSDS during school year 2013-14 (see the "Early Adopter" phase in the timeline below). As soon as these LEAs have completed the prerequisites above, they can begin loading assessments.

The bulk of Texas LEAs will implement TSDS during a 3-year phase-in beginning in school year 2014-15. Once an LEA completes the prerequisites above, it can begin loading assessments.


Thumbnail of the TSDS Implementation Timeline. Click to view the full timeline. 

Vendors and Assessments

Which Assessments Can I Load?

The data standards for TSDS, called the Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS), provide an extremely flexible template for loading assessment data for view in the studentGPS® Dashboards. 

For each assessment they wish to use, LEAs will utilize the Assessment Metadata interchange. For each student taking the assessment, LEAs will use the Student Assessment interchange to enter individual test scores. These standards allow LEAs to enter data for almost any assessment they choose, provided their local software can make the appropriate extracts.

In addition to local assessments, TEDS allows you to load national and Texas-wide assessments, like PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP exams, STAAR®, and TAKS.

Note that some vendors may elect to provide test data to the LEAs in TEDS XML format using the assessments interchanges.  For more information about formatting options for your test data, talk to your assessments vendors. 

Which Vendors Can Load to TSDS?

As LEAs use TSDS, they can officially confirm for TEA whether their vendor is able to successfully create TEDS extracts. TEA is compiling a list of these vendors on the Compatible Software page.

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