A Policymaker’s Guide to Early College Designs

A Policymaker’s Guide to Early College Designs: Expanding a Strategy for Achieving College Readiness for All 

This October 2010 report from Jobs for the Future is designed to help policymakers make informed decisions as they plan for and implement early college designs. It outlines what it would take to systematize and scale up early college course taking, extending the benefits to all high school students. The report focuses on early college designs that adapt dual enrollment as a school-wide strategy with a primary focus on the underprepared student, rather than the high achiever. The goal is to support low-income high school students who, without significant assistance, may lack the skills and knowledge to enter and persist through college. The report provides information on early college designs and policies and strategies to support early college implementation focused on managing public/private partnerships, ensuring quality, financing, and monitoring success.