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Regional Educational Laboratory Program

Creating and Using Automated Data Dashboards for Teachers: New Online Professional Development from the Regional Ed Labs
REL Mid-Atlantic is offering a free online webinar on creating automated data dashboards using MS Word and Excel.
New REL Northeast & Islands Surveys for Early Childhood Educators and Administrators
REL Northeast & Islands has developed two new surveys to help users collect data on the use of child assessments and learning standards in early childhood settings.
Instructional Coaching and the Effective Teacher: New Webinar from the Regional Ed Labs
REL Mid-Atlantic is offering a free online webinar on instructional coaching and how it can contribute to teacher effectiveness.
REL Pacific Releases a Quick Reference Guide to Logic Models
This guide from REL Pacific at McREL provides an example of a logic model, outlines the purpose and value of logic models and defines the components of a logic model.
Weak Links Between Teacher Perception Surveys and Student Outcomes
This REL Northwest study found that teachers' ratings of school-improvement goals, processes, and supports were not generally related to student outcomes (reading and math proficiency and attendance) in a set of low-achieving Idaho schools.

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What Works Clearinghouse

The Impact of Need Based-Grants on Postsecondary Outcomes
The Florida Student Access Grant (FSAG) program is a need-based grant program for low-income students in Florida.
Using Nontraditional Problem Formats for Addition Practice
In a 2011 study, researchers found that using nontraditional problem formats for addition practice had positive impacts on students' understanding of mathematical equivalence.
E-Book Now Available: Teaching Academic Content and Literacy to English Learners in Elementary and Middle School
Access our latest practice guide from anywhere on a variety of electronic devices such as the Nook, Kindle, iPad, tablets, personal computers, and smartphones.
Examining the Effectiveness of the Higher Achievement Program for At-Risk Youth
This study of 952 fifth and sixth graders in Washington, DC and Alexandria, Virginia, found that students who were offered the Higher Achievement program had higher test scores in mathematical problem solving and were more likely to be admitted to and attend private competitive high schools.
The Impacts of Tenure Track Versus Non-Tenure Track Professors on Future Enrollment and Performance
Using transcript data from 15,662 first-term freshmen at Northwestern University, researchers found that students who took a freshman-level class with a tenure track professor were less likely to take another class in the same subject.

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National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER)

IES Releases Synthesis of Research on Improving Reading
This report summarizes findings from research supported by Institute of Education Sciences (IES) on effective methods for assessing students with or at risk for reading disabilities, the basic cognitive and linguistic processes behind reading disabilities, how to make reading instruction more effective for students with reading disabilities, and how to bring research-based instructional practices into the classroom.
IES Releases Synthesis of Research on Early Intervention and Early Childhood Education
The purpose of the synthesis is to describe what has been learned from research grants on early intervention and childhood education funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) National Center for Education Research and National Center for Special Education Research and published in peer-reviewed outlets through June 2010.
NCSER Announces FY 2013 Research and Research Training Grants
IES recently made new research and research training grant awards for applications considered under the June and September 2012 deadlines.
NCSER Summary of Research Findings 2006-2012
The National Center for Special Education Research highlights findings from its funded research projects.

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