Socorro ISD webinar

Webinar Feedback

In this webinar, Socorro ISD staff discussed in-depth key strategies and components of their dropout prevention/recovery program, which were included in a featured Best Practice Summary available on the BPC website. Strategies used in the district to serve students at risk of dropping out aligned with research-based best practices identified in both national and state studies.

These strategies included: 

  •  Using early warning systems for identification and tracking of at-risk students  
  •  Offering additional academic support and enrichment  
  •  Providing alternative and flexible academic options  
  •  Identifying caring adults to serve as student advocates  
  •  Focusing on school-to-work transitions through career counseling, access to Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, and postsecondary options  
  •  Building school-community collaborations to address student barriers to attending school   

Moderator/Presenter: Ertha Patrick, Texas Education Agency

 Presenters from Socorro ISD were:

  • Mr. Pat O’Neill, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services
  • Mr. Andres Lopez, Director of Dropout Recovery
  • Mr. Ray Aguilar, Principal, Options High School
  • Dr. Maria Arias, Director of State and Federal Programs
  • Ms. Elva S. Torres, Assoc. Director State/Federal Programs
  • Mr. Oscar Leza, Title I Specialist
  • Ms. Patricia Bonilla, State Comp Ed Specialist
  • Mrs. Iris Jimenez, Dean of Instruction, Options HS
  • Ms. Ivonne Munoz, IS Team Leader 

“Dropout prevention is a complicated endeavor and must involve a wide range of services to tackle a wide range of problems. There are multiple pathways to dropping out of school, and therefore, any dropout prevention program should have a multi-faceted strategy to serve a wide range of students who are at-risk of dropping out.” 

 - TEA Best Practices in Dropout Prevention Report (2009)