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T-STEM Aerospace Rocketry Program


The T-STEM Aerospace/Rocketry Program was awarded to IGNITE, an educational nonprofit, to implement the SystemsGo Aeroscience program. The Rocketry program provides professional development and support to teachers to implement upper level courses in up to 20 high schools. The program enables students to participate in hands-on, project based engineering and technology programs and competitions.

STEM Aerospace/Rocketry Program seeks to:

  • Promote engineering studies and research
  • Develop workforce skills
  • Encourage students to graduate from high school and enter academic and career paths in STEM fields that lead to careers in the engineering industries.  


Targeted campuses for the Rocketry program are T-STEM academies and other Texas High School Project campuses.


  • Eighty percent (80%) of the students in the SystemsGo Aeroscience program have continued on to study engineering in college, with many starting careers at major space-related companies such as NASA and the United Space Alliance.
  • Each spring, students from participating high schools gather to launch their rockets designed and built in the SystemsGo Aeroscience program.


  • IGNITE is currently selecting interested campuses.

Funding Information

  •  FY 2010 (November 16, 2009 - February 29, 2012) - $250,000 

Laws and Rules

  •  General Appropriations Act, Article III, Rider 51, 2009
  •  Texas Education Code §39.235   


National Math and Science Initiative: IGNITE - SystemsGo AeroScience


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