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State/Federal Related Sites


Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the Office of Legal Services have no control over the content of these sites. If you find an error on one of the sites, contact the webmaster of that site.

Texas Education Code (TEC)  - Statutes governing public education in Texas. 

Administrative Rules (TAC)   - Rules adopted by the State Board of Education or the Commissioner of Education under authority granted by state law.

State Board of Education Rules  - SBOE Operating Rules. 

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) - Link to information about the No Child Left Behind Act.

Legislative Briefing Book - After each legislative session, the Texas Education Agency produces a a briefing book that describes new laws that impact public education.

Office of the Texas Attorney General - Information on Open Government in Texas including laws, decisions, letter rulling and  resourses.  

Family Policy Compliance Office (FPCO)  - Information on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA) and the Protection of Public Rights Amendment (PPRA).  

Records Management, Texas State Library & Archive  - Information on the retention schedule for records of public school districts in Texas.  

Texas Homeless Education Office - This link provides information on the laws and resources available for educating homeless children in Texas.  

US Department of Education  - Link to the Federal Education Agency.  

Department of State Health Services -  Immunization requirements information.

Note: The external links on this page are neither owned nor maintained by TEA. They are provided as a service to the public. The opinions expressed on the sites may not reflect the positions of the Agency. All URLs listed in this site have been tested for accuracy. Content accuracy and appropriateness, however, cannot be guaranteed over time as websites and their contents change constantly. The Agency takes no responsibility for difficulties which may result from the use of any website listed herein. Please notify the Webmaster if you find any dead links or inappropriate material.





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