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Texas High School Redesign and Restructuring Grant Program Cycle 4

The following applicants have been preliminarily selected to receive a grant for the Texas High School Redesign and Restructuring (THSRR) Grant Program Cycle 4.

Program Purpose

The purpose of the THSRR Grant Program Cycle 4 is to provide high school campuses rated Academically Unacceptable with the resources to build capacity for implementing innovative, school-wide initiatives designed to improve student performance on the campus. Additionally, this grant seeks to create a demonstration project that will provide case studies and models for successful practices in turning around Academically Unacceptable high schools.

Grant Period

March 1, 2008 – March 31, 2010

List of Awardees

Atlanta ISD
Atlanta High School

Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD
Coldspring High School

Crosbyton CISD
Crosbyton High School

Grand Prairie ISD
Grand Prairie High School

Greenville ISD

    Greenville High School

Hardin ISD
Hardin High School

Hull-Daisetta ISD
Hull-Daisetta High School

Jarrell ISD
Jarrell High School

Lexington ISD
Lexington High School

Pasadena ISD
Pasadena High School

Somerset ISD
Somerset High School

Somerville ISD
Somerville High School

Taft ISD
Taft High School

Willis ISD
Willis High School


Donnell Bilsky (Funding)
Discretionary Grants
(512) 463-9269

Kelly Shapley (Program)
State Initiatives
(512) 936-6060

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