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2010 - 2011 LAR


The links on this page lead you to the Legislative Appropriations Request for Fiscal Years 2010 and 2011, submitted to the Governor’s Office of Budget, Planning and Policy and the Legislative Budget Board by the Texas Education Agency in August 2008 and approved by Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott. These reports include quantitative information such as projected performance, projected cost, methods of financing proposed for state services, and the administrator’s statement which highlight significant changes in policy, provisions of service and purpose of new funding requests.

If you have questions about the content of these reports, or if you have issues relating to ADA accessibility while reading them, contact the TEA Budget Division.

2010-2011 LAR

Administrator’s Statement

Texas Education Agency Organizational Chart

Texas Education Agency Overview

Summary of Base Request by Strategy

Summary of Base Request by Method of Financing

Summary of Base Request by Object of Expense

Summary of Base Request – Objective Outcomes

Summary of Exceptional Items Request

Summary of Total Request by Strategy

Summary of Total Request – Objective Outcomes

Strategy Request

Rider Revisions and Additions Request

Rider Appropriations and Unexpended Balances Request 

Exceptional Item Request Schedule

Exceptional Item Strategy Allocation Schedule

Exceptional Item Strategy Request

Capital Budget Project Schedule 

Capital Budget Project Schedule - Exceptional

Capital Budget Project Information

Capital Budget Allocation to Strategies

Capital Budget Allocation to Strategies by Project

 Supporting Schedules: 

Historically Underutilized Business Supporting Schedule

Current Biennium One-time Expenditure Schedule

Federal Funds Supporting Schedule

Federal Funds Tracking Schedule

Estimated Revenue Collections Supporting Schedule

 Advisory Committee Supporting Schedule - Part A | Part B

Homeland Security Funding Schedule

Allocation of the Biennial 10 percent Reduction to Strategies Schedule


Indirect Administrative and Support Costs

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