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Internet Safety: Communication


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Communication on the Internet can be an educational and enjoyable form of socialization. However, just like in the non-virtual world, exchanging information in online conversations like chat and email can be potentially dangerous. The virtual world gives users the ability to remain nameless and faceless. Common sense rules apply to the online experience as well as the face-to-face experience. The following links provide information for students, parents and educators about smart Internet communication.

Links for Students

A Student’s Guide to Personal Publishing
“A Student’s Guide to Personal Publishing” is designed to help inform and guide you to enjoy personal publishing in a safe, responsible, and productive manner. 

Know the Rules Before You Use the Tools
"Know the Rules Before You Use the Tools" is a student user's guide to Project Share.

OnGuard Online
Social networking tips for teens and tweens.

Pew Internet
This site provides an informative report on teens and social networking called Teens, Privacy and Online Social Networks: How teens manage their online identities and personal information in the age of MySpace.
Safeteens is a publication of The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, supplying safety information on various forms of Internet communication.

Stay Safe Online
Tips for staying safe while using social networking sites.

TeenAngels is a division of WiredSafety that highlights specific information for teens on chat and email use.

TweenAngels is a division of WiredSafety that highlights specific information that tweens learn on cybersafety, safe gaming, cell phones, privacy, cyberbullying and being safe and responsible online.

Links for Parents

A Parents' Guide to Facebook
“A Parents' Guide to Facebook” provides parents with the perspective and how-to information they need to help their teens optimize their privacy and safety on Facebook.  

Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media is a not-for-profit organization providing information and tools as well as an independent forum on media. This page specifically discusses social networking.

Microsoft – Social Networking Tips for Parents
Information and tips for parents about social networking.

Norton - Family Resources
Norton by Symatech provides family resources on Internet Safety.

General Links

The site, from a British non-profit charity, lists concise and informative guidelines for chat and email.
ConnectSafely is an interactive resource for parents, teens, educators, and everyone engaged and interested in youth safety on the fixed and mobile social Web.
Kaboose is a community site that offers information and guidelines for emailing and chatting safely.

Safe Guidance
A listing of Internet communication advice and guidelines for educators and students, provided by a partnership of 28 European Ministries of Education.
SafeKids provides chat rules to follow and advice for safely communicating on the web.


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