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School Board Member Training, Commendation


The Texas Education Code, Section 11.159, requires the State Board of Education to develop a course of training for school board members which is to be offered by regional education service centers. The purpose of this training requirement is to prepare school board members to work as a corporate body to govern and oversee the management of their school district so that the academic performance of all students will improve.

Annual School Board Training requirements

All new members of each local board of trustees are required to attend an Orientation to the Texas Education Code. The Orientation is provided by the regional education service centers and is three hours in length. Experienced board members who attended the Orientation previously but still have not yet received an Update on the Code, are required to attend an Update, in order to familiarize themselves with changes in the Code. This Update will also be presented by regional education service center staff. The Update is generally two hours in length. The Texas Education Code Orientation and Update to the Code serve to ensure that all school board trustees have the information needed to govern the district efficiently and effectively. Other continuing education requirements identified in State Board of Education rule, Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Section 61.1, remain in effect. 

Commending School board-superintendent leadership teams

Initiate activities to commend school board-superintendent leadership teams that have completed at least eight hours of the team-building and additional hours of continuing education as a complete team, with all board members present together for these sessions. The State Board of Education has established this commendation in recognition of the importance of working together as a team for the benefit of Texas' children. For purposes of this commendation, the "current year" is defined as the period from "call for election" to "call for election," regardless of the month in which the district election is held.

Eligibility for Commendation

Below is the commendation form to be completed and signed by both the school board president and the superintendent, if the school board-superintendent team is eligible for the commendation specified in 19 TAC Section 61.1(k).  

Notification of Eligibility for Commendation Form 


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