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Reporting Errors



The instructional material error reporting program provides an avenue through which the public can report errors discovered in adopted instructional materials used in Texas classrooms. The errors discovered are listed in the Inventory of Known Instructional Material Errors Report, providing the public with access to a list of all of the known errors in instructional materials currently in use. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure that those in Texas who rely on instructional materials to educate and to be educated have the benefit of error-free instructional materials.

The Process

Students, teachers, parents, and others concerned about the accuracy and quality of instructional materials, report errors to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) using the email address The TEA will respond acknowledging receipt of the report and explaining the verification process.

The TEA will review the information submitted to determine if the reported error is an actual factual error (defined as a verified error of fact or any error that would interfere with student learning). Once the review is complete, the TEA will send a final response, usually within 30 days of receiving the initial communication. If the TEA determines that the reported error is not a factual error, the response will provide an appropriate explanation.

If the reported error is confirmed as a factual error, it will be included on the Inventory of Known Instructional Material Errors Report, giving credit to the person reporting the error. If the person reporting the error is a student, they will receive a letter of congratulations from the Texas Education Agency. A copy of the letter will also be sent to the student’s principal as well as the State Board of Education member who represents the student’s district.

For each confirmed factual error, the TEA will notify the publisher of the materials and each district using the materials.

To Report an error:

Send an email to with the following information:

  •  Title of the textbook or instructional materials 
  •  Publisher Name 
  •  Item type (e.g. Student Edition, Teacher Edition, Workbook) 
  •  ISBN (10- or 13-digit number printed near the bottom of the copyright page and on the back cover above the UPC code) 
  •  Media Type (Print or Electronic) 
  •  Number of the page on which the error is found  
  •  Location on page (e.g. top right, 2nd paragraph, section review)  
  •  Description of error  
  •  Name of person reporting the error  
  •  Teacher name (if applicable)  
  •  School Name and School District (if applicable)

Instructional Material Errors Mailing List

To receive notice when a new error is confirmed, subscribe to TEA updates on this topic

Inventory of Known Instructional Material Errors Report (PDF, 203KB)


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