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Test Registration and Preparation

Each test is administered by a testing vendor – the list of current tests shows which vendor administers which test. Test-takers need an approval to test, unless they are PACT: Pre-Admission Content Testing candidates.

The Educational Testing Service (outside source) (ETS), at 1-800-205-2626

Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES), Texas Examinations of Master Teachers (TExMaT), Texas Assessment of Sign Communication (TASC and TASC-ASL) 

The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (outside source) (ACTFL), at 1-800-486-8444

 ACTFL, through its testing division Language Testing International (LTI), administers oral and written examinations in a number of languages for Texas teachers, for use both with Bilingual Education certificates or Languages Other Than English (LOTE) certificates.

  • Go to  the LTI registration page (outside source) 
  • Click "Apply for an Academic test."  
  • Click "TX Teachers Only"
  • Click either "Bilingual Educators" or "World Language (LOTE) Teachers," depending on which certificate you're pursuing. 
  • Read the next page and choose the OPI application or WPT application.   
  • Read the next page and click "continue".   
  • Read the next page, check the box and click "continue".    
  • Enter your information and register from there.    
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

 Foreign Language and Bilingual Exams

Arabic - LOTE and Bilingual Japanese - LOTE and Bilingual
Chinese (Mandarin) - LOTE and Bilingual Russian - LOTE only
Hindi - LOTE only Turkish - LOTE only
Italian - LOTE only Vietnamese - LOTE and Bilingual
Texas passing standards on ACTFL tests (69.27, KB) 

The American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (outside source) (AAFCS), at 1-800-424-8080 

 All Family & Consumer Sciences exams and study guides used for Texas certification  can be found on the AAFCS website. 

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