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PEIMS Access Database Financial Data Downloads

This page will allow you to download Access database formatted tables (.mdb) of Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) budget and actual financial data. Each file lists the data according to the appropriate PEIMS code table.

You will need software to unzip the larger data files, and these are noted as (.zip) files. There are a variety of software packages available on the Internet for download, some of which you will find free of cost and others for purchase. Simply conduct an Internet search and find the package that will work best for you and your needs.  

School Year



Access Database File PEIMS Budget Data



Access Database File PEIMS Actual Data


2013–2014 2013–2014 Financial Budget Data (.zip 7,433 KB) Available Spring 2015
2012–2013 2012–2013 Financial Budget Data (.zip 7,013 KB) 2012–2013 Financial Actual Data (.zip 50,094 KB)
2011–2012 2011–2012 Financial Budget Data (.zip 12,261 KB) 2011–2012 Financial Actual Data (.zip 23,472 KB)
2010–2011 2010–2011 Financial Budget Data (.zip 17,570 KB) 2010–2011 Financial Actual Data (.zip 46,152 KB)
2009–2010 2009–2010 Financial Budget Data (.zip 13,023 KB) 2009–2010 Financial Actual Data (.zip 86,893 KB)
2008–2009 2008–2009 Financial Budget Data (.zip 14,984 KB) 2008–2009 Financial Actual Data (.zip 84,348 KB)
2007–2008 2007–2008 Financial Budget Data (.zip 13,852 KB) 2007–2008 Financial Actual Data (.zip 86,893 KB)

For additional information, contact:  

Office of School Finance
(512) 463-9238



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