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Program Monitoring and Interventions


The Division of Program Monitoring and Interventions supports the state’s goals for public education by reviewing, evaluating, monitoring, and intervening with school districts and campuses to ensure excellence in education for all students. The major areas of responsibility are related to state and federal accountability monitoring and interventions; program monitoring and interventions for the bilingual education/English as a second language, career and technical education, No Child Left Behind, and special education program areas; and data validation monitoring.

Additionally, the division supports activities related to the assignment of accreditation statuses to school districts, oversees and supports required interventions for struggling schools, and conducts special accreditation investigations.  An on-site investigation may be conducted to address concerns related to documented substantial, imminent, or ongoing risks as reflected in current and/or longitudinal local education agency (LEA) data. The  On-site Investigations Procedures Manual (PDF, 54 KB)  provides information and guidance to LEAs receiving an on-site investigation. The division also performs certain monitoring and oversight responsibilities, as required by the United States Department of Education Office for Civil Rights.

Accountability Monitoring

A major responsibility of the division is to implement the requirements of Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter 39, Subchapter E, Accreditation Interventions and Sanctions. The division develops and implements interventions and sanctions for districts and campuses rated academically unacceptable in the state's Accountability Rating System. The division also implements interventions for those campuses that are rated acceptable but that would not satisfy performance standards if the accountability standards for the subsequent year were applied.

The division uses performance data from Performance Reporting to identify, for accountability monitoring intervention, those districts and campuses with performance concerns.

Performance-Based Monitoring  

The division implements program monitoring and intervention requirements in the areas of bilingual education/English as a second languagecareer and technical educationNo Child Left Behind (federal Title programs), and special education. This occurs within the context of the performance-based monitoring (PBM) strategies being implemented by the agency. When an LEA is assigned a stage of intervention for more than one program area, including BE/ESL, CTE, NCLB, Special Education, and Residential Facilities (RF), the LEA will be required to engage in integrated intervention activities.

Some underlying strategies of the PBM system include a shift away from process to results (i.e. program effectiveness and student performance), a strong emphasis on data integrity, a focus on a coordinated approach to agency monitoring, and more effective of sanctions and interventions.

Data Validation Monitoring (DVM) is another component of the PBM system.  Its function is to monitor the accuracy of data submitted by school districts and used in the state's accountability rating and performance-based monitoring (PBM) systems, including leaver/dropout data, school discipline data, and student assessment data. Data validation responsibilities include review and follow-up with districts that have been identified for potential data inaccuracies, data anomalies, or data irregularities.  

Additionally, Data Validation and Verification (DVV) on-site reviews are conducted to validate the implementation of the PBM system and the accuracy of data used in the analysis. If noncompliance, student performance, or program effectiveness concerns are identified during the visit, the LEA will be required to undertake actions to address identified areas of concern.  If inaccurate data reporting of findings is determined through the TEA validation and verification processes, the LEA may be subject to additional sanctions and interventions.

Contact Information 

Important information about monitoring and interventions activities for LEAs as well as  updates to the Program Monitoring and Interventions (PMI) website and ISAM will be shared through emails to subscribers to govDELIVERY. Subscribe to TEA updates on this topic.

 Program Monitoring and Interventions Division

1701 North Congress Avenue

W.B. Travis Building, Room 5-120

Austin, Texas 78701

Phone: (512) 463-5226

Fax: (512) 463-3136




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