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2014-2015 Special Education Intervention Guidance and Resources


The guidance and resource documents below will assist LEAs and campuses in conducting the required activities for each level of intervention. 

External Resource Links

Texas Center for District and School Support

Professional Service Provider Network 

Guidance Documents 

Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS) Guidance (PDF, 568KB) - Coming soon        

TAIS Implementation and Monitoring Guidance (PDF, 725KB)

TAIS Improvement Plan Guidance (PDF, 1384KB)

TAIS Needs Assessment Guidance (PDF, 1138KB)

TAIS Data Analysis Guidance (PDF, 1762KB)

TAIS PSP Progress Report Guidance (PDF, 154KB) - Coming soon       

Professional Service Provider (PSP) Selection Guidance (PDF, 1434KB)

Professional Service Provider (PSP) Handbook (PDF, 899KB) - Coming soon

Professional Service Provider (PSP) Job Description (PDF, 131KB)

District Leadership Team (DLT) Job Description (PDF, 128KB)

District Coordinator of School Improvement (DCSI) Job Description (PDF, 126KB)

Campus Leadership Team (CLT) Job Description (PDF, 96KB)

 Performance-Based Monitorning (PBM) Supplemental Guidance (PDF, 407KB) - Coming soon


The flowcharts below outline intervention requirements for campuses and districts that are identified in the Academic Accountability Rating System: 

District-Level Interventions (PDF, 18KB) 

Performance-Based Monitoring (PBM) Intervention Process Flowchart (PDF, 68KB)

 Resource Documents

Targeted Improvement Plan (Excel, 2029KB) 

Each of the resources listed below are on separate tabs of the Improvement Planning workbook. 

  • Data Analysis Summary
  • Needs Assessment and Improvement Plan
  • Corrective Action
  • Reconstitution

 PSP Progress Report (Excel, 374KB) - Coming soon

Specificity of Related Services & Speech (Excel, 120KB)  

State Assessment Participation  (Excel, 1,144KB) 

Discipline Placement  (Excel, 116KB)  

Placement for 3-5 Year Olds (PDF, 247KB) 

Placement for Elementary (PDF, 246KB)     

Placement template for Middle School/Junior High School (PDF, 246KB) 

Placement for High School (PDF, 247KB)           

Compliance Review Resources

Compliance Review #1 - #6 (PDF, 235KB) 

Compliance Review #7 - #13 (PDF, 316KB) 

Compliance Review #14 - #16 (PDF, 236KB) 

Compliance Review #17 - #20 (PDF, 234KB) 

Compliance Review #21 - #23 (PDF, 230KB) 


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