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Educator Resources for Special Education Certification and Professional Development


Texas must maintain an adequate supply of well qualified special education professionals in order to provide quality services for students with disabilities in our state. Recruiting new special educators and retaining experienced special educators are both essential factors in meeting staffing needs. The purpose of this web page is to provide resources for individuals interested in becoming special education teachers as well as resources for school administrators interested in providing effective support and quality professional development for special education teachers. The following sections provide links to sites with information helpful for undergraduates, teachers, and administrators.

Resources for Becoming a Special Educator

Certification Requirements and Teacher Preparation Programs

Highly Qualified Requirements for Special Education Teachers and Paraprofessionals

Financial Assistance

Resources for Teachers and Administrators

Mentoring and Professional Development

Conferences / Organizations

  • The Inclusion Works (IW) web site provides links to a variety of resources for educators as well as information on the annual IW Conference. The Conference features sessions of interest to both general and special educators and a Principals Academy for administrators.
  • The Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education (TCASE) web site offers resources for special educators and information on TCASE conferences and training events.
  • Texas Council for Exceptional Children (TCEC) has active chapters around the state and holds an annual conference for educators and parents. 

Texas Education Agency web resources

  • Best Practices Clearinghouse supports schools in meeting the educational needs of all students by providing a means for schools to share information about evidence-based best practices.
  • The Continuing Professional Education (CPE) link on the Educator Preparation home page of the TEA web site provides information on CPE requirements and links to documentation worksheets and approved providers. 

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