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Nonpublic Day School Programs Report (SPE-106)


The Agency will provide state special education funds to districts for the educational costs incurred for each day contract student, based on the formula of one full-time equivalent (FTE), or portion of FTE, multiplied by a district’s adjusted allotment and the instructional weight of 1.7. The amount of funds a district receives for each student will depend upon the length of the student’s contract in the approved nonpublic day school. The funds will be included in the district’s regular Foundation School Program payments. The district may use other state, federal, and local funds as appropriate to pay for costs that exceed the formula amount. Contract students cannot be counted for average daily attendance (ADA) or contact hours and should be coded as enrolled but not in membership (ADA eligibility code Ø) with an instructional setting code of 60 when reporting student attendance information through the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS). FTEs for state special education funds for nonpublic day school contracts will be determined from information reported on the report.


Annual Reporting Requirements
Please complete the SPE-106 to report the number of students with disabilities placed at TEA approved nonpublic day schools.

If there are no students to report, submission of the SPE-106 is not required.


Instructions for Requesting and Completing the Spreadsheet

LEAs with students to report will request the SPE-106 Excel spreadsheet from the TEA Division Federal and State Education Policy at  The Excel spreadsheet consists of two worksheets. LEAs will enter district information (name, county district number, etc.) on the “Cover Page” worksheet, and enter student information on the “SPE-106” worksheet. Districts must follow the completion and submission instructions that will be sent with the requested spreadsheet.


If you have any questions, contact your education service center special education contact or the Division Federal and State Education Policy at (512) 463-9414.


Division of Federal and State Education Policy

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Telephone: 512.463.9414 | Fax: 512.463.9560


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