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Mathematics Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills



The State Board of Education (SBOE) has legislative authority to adopt the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for each subject of the required curriculum. SBOE members nominated educators, parents, business and industry representatives, and employers to serve on the review committees. This page provides information regarding the review and revision of the mathematics TEKS.

Proposals approved for second reading and final adoption in April 2012

The following documents reflect proposed revisions to the mathematics TEKS as approved by the State Board of Education on April 20, 2012, for second reading and final adoption, with technical edits, as authorized by State Board of Education operating rules. These documents have not yet been filed with the Texas Register and will be subject to review for non-substantive, technical edits by Texas Register editors.

Kindergarten – Grade 5 (PDF, 268KB)

Grade 6 - Grade 8 (PDF, 212KB)

High School (PDF, 348KB)

Proposals approved for first reading and filing authorization in January 2012

The proposed revisions to the mathematics TEKS were posted for public comment from February through April 2012. Following the official public comment period, the SBOE took action to approve these changes in April 2012.  

TEKS review committee recommendations for revisions to the mathematics TEKS (October 2011)

Click on each item below to download a PDF.

Elementary School Color-Coded Recommendations (PDF, 1,531KB)

Elementary School Clean Copy Recommendations (PDF, 160KB)

Middle School Color-Coded Recommendations (PDF, 1,276KB)

Middle School Clean Copy Recommendations (PDF, 143KB)

High School Color-Coded Recommendations (PDF, 1,363KB)

High School Clean Copy Recommendations (PDF, 481KB)

First drafts of recommendations for revisions to the mathematics TEKS (July 2011)

Informal feedback will be accepted in response to the first draft recommendations through September 30, 2011. The draft recommendations were developed by the mathematics TEKS review committees that were appointed by members of the SBOE. These drafts are based on the Commissioner's Draft of the Mathematics Standards.  If you provide specific comments and recommendations for any of the numbered paragraphs please identify the Knowledge and Skills statement (KS) by number and/or the student expectation (SE) by letter. For example KS(6) or SE (6A).

To provide feedback to the review committees, you may send your comments by:

Email to (Please indicate the course or grade level your comments respond to in the subject line of your email.)

Fax to (512) 463-8057

Mail to Curriculum Division, Attention: Shelly Ramos, 1701 N. Congress Ave., Austin, Texas 78701

Click on each item below to download a PDF.

Kindergarten – Grade 5 (PDF, 1,572KB)

Grades 6-8 (PDF, 845KB)

High School Courses (PDF, 780KB)

In anticipation of the State Board of Education’s scheduled 2011-2012 revision of the TEKS for Mathematics, the Commissioner of Education convened a group of advisors to review current research and resources and to offer suggestions regarding the upcoming TEKS revision and future professional development. The Commissioner’s Mathematics Advisory Group, established in the fall of 2010, includes mathematics educators and mathematicians from Texas. The recommendations of the Commissioner’s Mathematics Advisory Group regarding the next generation of mathematics standards in Texas were compiled and then reviewed by a panel of national advisors in mathematics, known as the National Review Team.

The result of this work is a document titled,“The Commissioner’s Draft of the Texas Mathematics Standards (PDF, 954KB).”

SBOE Mathematics TEKS Review Committees

The following lists include individuals appointed by the SBOE to serve on mathematics TEKS review committees. Mathematics TEKS review committees will begin work on the mathematics TEKS in May 2011 and will make recommendations to the SBOE.

Kindergarten through Grade 5 (PDF, 67KB)

Grades 6-8 (PDF, 70KB)

High School (PDF, 71KB)

SBOE members nominated mathematics expert reviewers in January 2011

Mathematics Expert Reviewers


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