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Individualized Education Programs IEPs


The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) in the U. S. Department of Education develops question and answer documents to address some of the most important issues raised by requests for clarification on a variety of high-interest topics. This document was originally issued in January 2007 and updated in June 2010 to address the significant changes to the revised Part B regulations.

This Q & A document represents the Department’s current thinking on these topics. The following areas are addressed: 

  • Transfer of Students with IEPs from One Public Agency to a New Public Agency
  • Initial Evaluation Timelines and Determination of Eligibility
  • IEP Team Membership and IEP Meetings
  • Consent Provisions
  • Related Services
  • Secondary Transition

The responses presented in this document generally are informal guidance which is based on interpretation by the Department of statutory or regulatory requirements in the context of the specific facts presented. They are not legally binding. Please use the information in this document in addition to IDEA and its implementing regulations. The IDEA, its implementing regulations, and other important documents related to the IDEA and the regulations are found at:,root,regs,.

(Link to Q & A Document):
Questions and answers on individualized education programs (IEPs), evaluations, and reevaluations.


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