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ePlan Course of Events


The Texas ePlan System is an electronic resource provided by the Texas Education Agency that assists districts and charter schools to prepare and submit their technology plans.  Along with the general requirements and components plans, Texas districts and charter schools are required to submit the Texas STaR Chart prior to submission of the technology plan in the Texas ePlan System.

For planning purposes, districts and charter schools generally submit technology plans beginning in the fall for approval for the successive school year.  Submission of technology plans should remain constant by using the same timeframe each year.  The collection, assessment, and evaluation of data throughout the school year will provide guidance for updating technology plans. 

E-Rate requires technology plans to be written prior to submission of the USAC Form 470.  The submission of a technology plan in the Texas ePlan system provides a timestamp of the plan date, which can serve as proof of that requirement. 

Typical course of events for Texas schools follows:

  1. Texas Teacher STaR Charts submitted
  2. Texas Campus STaR Charts submitted
  3. Creation and submission of technology plans in the Texas ePlan
  4. USAC Form 470 submission (certifying technology plans are written)
  5. Technology plans peer reviewed and approved by TEA
  6. USAC Form 486 submission (certifying technology plans were approved before services start date)  


For additional information, contact:

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