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ePlan Components-Introduction


The following instructions will assist districts in completing the Introduction component of the district’s ePlan in the Texas ePlan System. Districts may carryover data from an existing plan into a new or updated plan.


The data in this section may be edited to allow you to update your own district’s information. Please realize that changes you make in the Texas ePlan, such as updating a principal's name, only affect your district's information in that system. To ensure accuracy of information in other state-based systems including the Texas STaR Chart and PEIMS, you must update this information in the centralized AskTED (Texas Education School Directory) database.

The only items that are not editable are the Campus ID, Region, and Campus STaR Chart Completion data.

1.1 District Information

District Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Fax Number
County District Number
Superintendent Name
District Email
ESC Region

1.2 Contact Information

Contact Name

1.3 Demographics

Data Submitted on E-Rate Applications for Current Year

Total Student Enrollment
District Size
Percent of Economically Disadvantaged
Number of Campuses

Current Situation

Number of Campuses with Direct Connection to Internet
Percent of Campuses with Direct Connection to Internet
Number of Classrooms with Direct Connection to Internet
Percent of Classrooms with Direct Connection to Internet
Computer/Student Ratio
Computer/Teacher Ratio

Projected Data for years covered by this plan

Technology Expenditures*
Technology Expenditures Per Pupil*

Texas Campus STaR Chart Completion

Number of Required Campuses that have Completed the STaR Chart*
Percent of Required Campuses that have Completed the STaR Chart* 

1.4 Plan Introduction

Years Plan Covers

You must indicate the number of years covered by the plan (1, 2, or 3) in the Introduction before entering budget information. You may go back and change the number of years later.

Technology Planning Committee Members

This committee should include representatives from all stakeholders (administrators, teachers, librarians, parents, community leaders, business representatives, and other educational partners).

Executive Summary

A short overview of the plan, how and why it came to be, and what it hopes to accomplish (two page maximum).

Note: The percentage of required campuses that have completed the Campus STaR Chart must be 100 percent before the district can submit the plan for review. For assistance with this percentage, see “Technical Issues” in the Texas STaR Chart section.

*These items will be filled in automatically by the system using calculations performed on data entered in the ePlan system, or data entered into the Texas STaR Chart website. 


For additional information, contact:

Educational Technology
1701 North Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701

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