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ePlan Components-Budget


The following instructions will assist districts in completing the Budget component of the district’s ePlan in the Texas ePlan System. Districts may carryover data from an existing plan into a new or updated plan.


A carefully developed technology plan will help to ensure that your district or charter school has secured the resources you need to make effective use of all telecommunication services and Internet access, including: computers and peripheral equipment, staff training, software, and a budget for operating costs and maintenance. The budget must include estimated costs with available and potential funding sources for all areas addressed in the plan.

Federal Technology Formula Funds:

If there is future educational technology program funding, you will enter an amount here.

Budget Detail:

Cost and funding sources for the following budget categories for each year of your plan:

  • Staff Development Costs and Funding Sources
  • Telecommunications and Internet Access Costs and Funding Sources
  • Materials and Supplies Costs and Funding Sources
  • Equipment Costs and Funding Sources
  • Maintenance Costs and Funding Sources
  • Miscellaneous Expenses Costs and Funding Sources 


Budget Area


Funding Sources with amount per source

Staff Development


 Local (22,500)

Telecommunications and Internet Access


 E-Rate (7,140)
 Local (3,060)

Materials and Supplies


 Local (6,254)
 Title V (500)



 E-Rate (14,000)
 Local (6,000)



 Local (12,300)

Miscellaneous Expenses


 Local (1,000)




Budget Notes:

A. Budget Crosscheck

The total amount of money you have allocated in the Objectives for each LRPT category is listed in a table at the very bottom of the Budget Detail section broken out by category. Directly above this table is the total amount of money included in the Budget Detail section. Those totals must match. Please check your figures.


Total Technology Expenditures (indicated about): $90,000.00

The sum of the total amounts currently allocated in the Objectives for this plan (shown below) must match the Total Technology Expenditures included in the Budget above.


Total amounts currently allocated in the Objectives for this plan for:

Percent of Total Budget

Teaching and Learning



Educator Preparation and Development



Leadership, Administration, and Instructional Support



Infrastructure for Technology






B. Personnel Costs in the Technology Budget

Personnel costs are important for a true picture of what it costs to implement a technology plan but which personnel are included should be clearly defined.

Districts should include only those personnel or the portion of their time that is dedicated to technology plan implementation.

For example, the salary of a classroom teacher or campus principal would not be included even though they do play a role. Districts would budget for them even if they didn't implement technology. A campus or district technology specialist would count - 100% if that is all they do and proportionately if they have other responsibilities. Other positions should be viewed in a similar manner.

C. Funding Sources in the Technology Budget

Funding sources that should be incorporated in the Technology Budget include:

  • Federal formula monies
  • E-Rate 
  • Local funds, etc. 
  • All other funding besides the dedicated technology funding used to implement the strategies of the plan should also be included. For example, technology has been integrated throughout NCLB thereby providing opportunities for additional funds. Title I and Special Education funds are excellent examples of funding that can be used.

D. Required Budget Amount for Staff Development

In the Long-Range Plan for Technology, the Educator Preparation and Development Recommendation 01 states: Allocate at least 30 percent of technology budget for staff development.

This means that the district would dedicate at least 30 percent of their overall technology budget to staff development. While this is the ideal, it is a recommendation - not a requirement. Failure to dedicate at least 30 percent of the overall technology budget for staff development will not prevent your plan from being recommended for approval.


If 100 percent of the funds from a fund source are redirected under REAP, the LEA does not have to meet the intent and purpose of the original program, nor is the LEA required to submit an evaluation for the original program. However, if the LEA redirects less than 100 percent of a fund source, then the original intent and purpose must be met with the funds remaining in the original fund source, and the program evaluation requirements for the original program must be met. 

For additional information, contact:

Educational Technology
1701 North Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701


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