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EDI Transactions Sets


Developer's Introduction

TEA supports the 3070 standard. Please insure you closely review each document which is appropriate for your trading activities.


210 Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice (PDF, 296KB)

This transaction set will be used to provide detail information for charges for services rendered by a motor carrier. It is used both as a motor carrier invoice to request payment and detail of charges pertaining to motor freight shipment.

This transaction set is sent from the Motor Carrier to TEA. (997) acknowledgement will be returned.

850 Purchase Order (PDF, 232KB)

This format permits the transfer of order information from TEA to the publishers. The format provides for a file composed of one or more segments each describing an order. Segments specify TEA's purchase order number and the publisher, together with a detail record for each of the items ordered.

This transaction set is sent to the Publishers from TEA. (997) acknowledgement required.

857 Shipment and Billing Notice (PDF, 254KB)

This transaction set provides TEA notification of shipment with data for both receipt planning and payment generation. This transaction set is used to replace the Ship Notice/ manifest (856) and Invoice (810) transaction.

This transaction set is sent to TEA from the Depositories. (997) acknowledgement will be returned.

860 Purchase Order Change Request - Buyer Initiated (PDF, 167KB)

This transaction set will be used to notify the publishers of purchase orders (850) which have been changed.

This transaction set is sent to the Publishers from TEA. (997) acknowledgement required.

997 Functional Acknowledgment (PDF, 249KB)

This Draft Standard for Trial Use contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Functional Acknowledgment Transaction Set (997) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. The transaction set can be used to define the control structures for a set of acknowledgments to indicate the results of the syntactical analysis of the electronically encoded documents. The encoded documents are the transaction sets, which are grouped in functional groups, used in defining transactions for business data interchange. This standard does not cover the semantic meaning of the information encoded in the transaction sets.



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