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SENS - Statewide Education Notification System

The Statewide Education Notification System (SENS) is an information delivery system that provides critical and time-sensitive information from TEA to Education Service Centers (ESCs), school districts, charter schools and others organizations through a variety of communication channels such as email, phone, voice-mail, and pagers.SENS Logo

The system works very much like an email system. The SENS message author uses email to draft and send the message. The message is translated from that email so that it can be delivered to participant's phones (work, cell and/or home), voice-mail, email, and pagers. The SENS is intended to supplement, not replace, local, existing emergency communication efforts and information you will receive from television, radio, and other sources.

For instructions on using the system, download the SENS Primer (Word, 743 KB).

Each SENS participant is responsible for updating their contact information and profile within SENS in order to receive notifications from the TEA. System reports, capturing the results of communications efforts, will be used to improve the quality of our participant information and notification capabilities.


Shortly after the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 the TEA established an in-house system to notify ESCs, school districts, charter schools, and other organizations, so that time-sensitive and critical information could be quickly disseminated. The former system (Reciprix) was based solely on email delivery and was therefore somewhat limited. In January 2002, the TEA began a competitive bid process to find a more robust, commercially available system to handle its critical and time-sensitive notifications to the K-12 education community. The new system is Communicator! NXT.

About SENS accounts

ESC executive directors, superintendents, and other organizations specifically identified by the TEA may request a SENS account. You must obtain permission from your ESC executive director, superintendent, or the TEA before requesting one. We encourage all 20 ESC executive directors and three of their designees to have an active SENS account; at the district level, all superintendents and seven of their designees; and other organizations specifically identified by the TEA such as TEPSAC commissioners and the Center for Safe Communities & Schools (CSCS).

Note: Depending on the size of the district a superintendent may require more of fewer designees; the number suggested was based on the average number of schools within an ISD.

Do I have a SENS Account?

To find out if you have a SENS account search through this SENS account listing for your name (this file was last updated on 05/17/11). If you have an account, please enter the SENS system at and update your contact information so you receive notifications.  For password resets, login information, or tech support contact

I do not have a SENS Account:

If you do not have an account, request one via the SENS Survey located at Before you request one, make sure you qualify for an account and that you recieve the appropriate permission.

Contact Us

For more information or SENS help, email the SENS administrator at

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