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Data Validation Monitoring for Student Leaver Intervention Guidance and Resources

The following documents are available to assist LEAs in conducting the required activities.  

Guidance Document (PDF, 581KB) - Coming Soon

How was my LEA Selected for DVM Leaver Intervention Activities? (PDF, 90KB) - Coming Soon 

Focused Data Analysis (FDA)

FDA #1 (PDF, 581KB) - Coming Soon  

FDA #2 (PDF, 160KB) - Coming Soon 

FDA #3 (PDF, 580KB) - Coming Soon 

FDA #4 (PDF, 580KB) - Coming Soon 

FDA #5 (PDF, 578KB) - Coming Soon 

FDA #6 (PDF, 158KB) - Coming Soon                   

FDA #7 (PDF, 158KB) - Coming Soon 

FDA #8 (PDF, 160KB) - Coming Soon


DVM-L FDA Probe List (Excel, 39KB) - Coming Soon 

DVM AcronymAppendix (PDF, 67KB) - Coming Soon

Student-Data Review

Student-Level Review #2 (Excel, 651KB) - Coming Soon 

Student-Level Review #3 (Excel, 535KB) - Coming Soon

Student-Level Review #4 (Excel, 554KB) - Coming Soon  

Student-Level Review #5 (Excel, 574KB) - Coming Soon 

Improvement Plan / Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

Improvement Plan/CAP (Excel, 38KB) - Coming Soon 


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