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Financial Solvency Surveys

The 2013–2014 Financial Solvency Survey is now available for all Texas school districts and charter schools to complete. The survey will remain available through March 3, 2014.

The Texas Education Agency uses this survey to collect first-quarter financial information and related data each year as part of its statutorily required annual review of school districts' and open-enrollment charter schools' financial solvency. 

The online survey does not have an option to print your submission. However, your district or charter school should create a copy of its responses for its records by printing the survey preview and recording its responses manually. Your district or charter school will need a record of its survey responses for Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) reporting purposes. 

First-Quarter Actual Financial Information Surveys

Survey Title Survey Link Survey Preview
2013–2014 School District Survey  Survey PDF 36 KB  
2013–2014 Charter School Survey  Survey PDF 59 KB

Historical First-Quarter Actual Financial Information Surveys 

Survey Title Survey Preview
2012–2013 School District Survey  PDF 33 KB  
2012–2013 Charter School Survey  PDF 34 KB
2011–2012 School District Survey  PDF 44 KB  
2011–2012 Charter School Survey  PDF 43 KB
2010–2011 School District Survey PDF 30 KB
2010–2011 Charter School Survey PDF 47 KB
2009–2010 School District Survey PDF 50 KB
2009–2010 Charter School Survey PDF 30 KB

For additional information, contact:

Belinda Dyer (512) 475-3451

Robin Aldridge (512) 463-3940

Rita Bunton (512) 936-3712

Michael Needham (512) 936-3751  

Yolanda Walker (512) 463-0947

Chanda Williams (512) 475-2012 


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