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Charter Schools - Governance

This page contains information about the Annual Governance Reporting Form and board member and officer training.

Annual Governance Reporting Form

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is required by Texas Education Code (TEC), §12.119(b) and 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), §100.101 to collect information each year about charter schools board members and school officers. This information is submitted once per year by each charter through the Charter School Tracking System, with a deadline of early November.

Board Member and Officer Training

The requirements for charter holder board member and school officer training can be found in Texas Education Code (TEC) §12.123 and in Commissioner's Rules.

Who Must be Trained

The Commissioner's rules require that the following officials complete a training course (unless exemptions apply):

  • members of the governing body of the charter holder
  • members of the governing body of the charter school
  • chief executive officers
  • central administrative officers
  • campus administrative officers
  • business managers 

When Must Training Occur

In the case of a newly granted charter, officials must complete the required training within a year of the date the charter contract was signed. In the case of an existing charter that appoints new officials, the officials must complete the required training within one calendar year of when they began service.

Course Requirements
The course content and amount of training required differ for the nt types of officials. The content for each type of course is comprised of several modules that must consist of a certain number of minutes of instruction. The minimum duration for each module are set out in part (d) of 19 Texas Administrative Code §§ 100.1102 through 100.1105.

The curriculum outline (PDF, 32 KB) for the training courses currently available may be found online. The Commissioner's rules provide that the fee for a course or module of training shall be determined by the registered course provider.

The Commissioner's rules do not require course providers to provide course participants with some type of proof of completion. Therefore, it is within the discretion of the course provider as to whether some type of proof of completion is provided. However, the rules state that the charter holder "shall document its compliance with §§ 100.1102-100.1105." In addition, the rules require that a charter holder shall separately disclose in its annual audit report required by 19 Texas Administrative Code § 100.1047 any official who fails to comply with the training requirements and continues to serve as of the date of the audit report.

Course Providers

The required training must be provided by a regional education service center or by a course provider registered with the Commissioner. An applicant for course provider registration must file documents and information with the Commissioner demonstrating a history of training experience and subject matter expertise in each area covered by a training course. The initial registration for a course provider is for 18 months, and then the course provider must re-register. Before a course provider is re-registered, TEA must provide an opportunity for stakeholder comment on the course provider's performance. Course providers must register with TEA's School Governance/EEO and Complaints Division. To register as a provider for charter school board member and officer continuing education, please complete the Application for Registration found in the School Governance portion of the TEA website. A list of current registered course providers is also available online.



If you have any questions about the information on this page, contact the Division of Charter School Administration at (512) 463-9575.


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