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April 5, 2013 Work Session Agenda



April 5, 2013 - 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
1701 N. Congress Ave. Room 1-104
Austin, Texas 

I. Review and Amendment of SBEC Philosophy, including 
A. Mission Statement
B. Core Principles

II. SBEC Priorities, including 
A. Statutory Responsibilities
B. Board Parameters

III. Board Meeting Practices, including 
A. Consent Agendas
B. Closed Session
C. Presentation of Contested Cases
D. Defaults
E. Setting Agendas for Board Meetings

IV. Contested Case Process, including 
A. Legal Obligations of the Board
B. Due Process
C. Defaults
D. Oral Argument

V. Policy Setting Process

VI. Legislative Issues, including 
A. Update on Sunset
B. Current Legislature
C. Board-member/Legislative Contacts

VII. TEA Support, including 
A. Administrative
B. Investigative
C. Legal and Staff Support of the SBEC

VIII. Amending Board Operating Policies and Procedures

IX. Texas Teaching Commission Report and Houston A+

X. Adjournment

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