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STAAR Performance Standards

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The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) performance standards directly relate levels of test performance to what students are expected to learn as defined in the state-mandated curriculum standards, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  This is done by establishing cut scores that distinguish between performance levels, or categories.  Standard setting is the process used to establish the cut scores that define performance levels for an assessment and classify students into an appropriate performance category.

For the general STAAR assessments, STAAR Spanish, and STAAR L, the lables for the performance categories are

  • Level III: Advanced Academic Performance
  • Level II: Satisfactory Academic Performance
  • Level I: Unsatisfactory
  • STAAR Standard Setting Technical Report (PDF posted 03/25/13)
  • STAAR Standard Setting Questions and Answers (PDF updated 01/29/13)
  • STAAR 3-8 Standard Setting Process Overview (PDF posted 01/29/13)
  • STAAR EOC Standard Setting Process Overview (PDF posted 04/24/12)
  • STAAR Performance Labels and Policy Definitions (PDF updated 01/29/13)
  • STAAR Performance Level Descriptors  (PDF updated 01/11/13) 
  • STAAR 3-8 Performance Standards Chart (PDF posted 01/29/13)
  • STAAR EOC Performance Standards Chart (PDF posted 04/24/12)
  • STAAR Phase-in Illustration (PDF posted 01/29/13)
  • STAAR Assessment-Related Graduation Requirements (PDF updated 04/26/12)
  • STAAR EOC External Validity Studies
  • TAKS Equivalent Information (Bridge Study) Tables

  • For additional information, contact:

    Student Assessment Division

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