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Educator Testing

Texas law requires educators to pass appropriate tests to become certified. The office of Educator Testing oversees testing requirements for the state of Texas.

Testing Information

Testing Development

Additional Information Related to Testing

Testing Announcements and Updates

PPR Test Update

Tests #110 (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities 4-8), #130 (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities 8-12), and #194 (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC-6) were offered for the last time August 31, 2011. They can be used in certification applications which are submitted and recommended by October 30, 2014, with certificate requirements completed by August 31, 2014.

Update for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments

Per Senate Bill 54, passed by the 82nd Texas Legislature in 2011, candidates interested in this certification must now complete an Educator Preparation Program in this field. Therefore the Visually Impaired and Braille examinations (TExES #182 and #183) are no longer available through the "certification by examination" route. For a list of entities approved to certify Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments, search Approved Programs


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