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2013-2014 Reallocation and Carryover: Title VI, Part B Rural and Low-Income School Program Grant Application

Reallocation amounts for the 2013-2014 school year Title VI, Part B Rural and Low-Income School Program Grant application are now available to local educational agencies (LEAs) to view and download.

Grantees must start an amendment in eGrants to budget for their reallocation amount.  Once the amendment has been initiated, any 2012-2013 carryover will appear in the Actual Carryover line and will also be available to budget.

LEAs may select from two reports to locate their reallocation amounts.  One report is sorted alphabetically by LEA name, and the other is sorted by education service center region number and alphabetically by LEA.  The reports are as of January 8, 2014, and are subject to change.

LEA -  Entitlement and Reallocation (PDF)

Region -  Entitlement and Reallocation (PDF)


For additional information, contact:

For program information, please call the Division of Federal and State Education Policy at 512-463-9414, or email


For funding information about this grant program, please call the Division of Grants Administration at 512-463-8525, or email

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